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Program not showing entry for Created by and Changed by in TRDIR table in SAP

Jan 04 at 11:07 AM


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Hello Experts,

We saw a program in TRDIR table which has no entry for Created by and Changed by. Other programs have this but only this one is not there. Please suggest on the cause.

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Please translate field labels "Created by" and "Changed by" into DDIC fields names. thx.


Thanks, but i am not aware of this procedure. Can you suggest the steps.


"We saw a program in TRDIR table which has no entry for Created by and Changed by."

Can you describes your steps in detail, please. Which transaction did you use, for example?


I went to SE16N and checked the TRDIR table
In it, I saw a program RSRSCAN1 which had no user listed in created and changed by column. But other programs had like SAP etc

Also this is a standard SAP program but still SAP name was not being shown in created or changed by column.


If you are on the selection screen of SE16N, there is a column "Fld name" (1st column) and "Technical name" (last column).

Your field names "Created by" and "Changed by" are in column "Fld name", the DDIC fieldnames are in column "Technical name".

1st one changed with logon language, 2nd one is language independent.

So you mean fields TRDIR-CNAM ("Created by") and "Changed by".

I have only TRDIR-UNAM ("Last changed by"). Is this your "Changed by" ?


I have both CNAM and UNAM in TRDIR initial screen
i executed this and got a list of programs which had created by and changed by name filled in them particularly. But there was one program which did not have value in created by and changed by. So i wanted to know the reason behind it


Ah, your "Created by" and "Changed by" is the column description from SE16N result screen. So it's not the technical name, it's the field label from data element.That explains the difference between your "Changed by" and my "Last changed by".

Did you already checked, if RSRSCAN1 is the only entry with TRDIR-CNAM = '' and TRDIR-UNAM = '' ?

You can do this in SE16N selection screen by (1) clicking on the button in column "More", then (2) clicking on the 1st button in pop-up window (looks like a tree/Flower) and (3) selecting the equal sign ("Select: Equal to"). If you do this for both fields CNAM and UNAM, you will select all entries in TRDIR, which have this pattern from RSRSCAN1.


Why is this a concern?

Jelena Perfiljeva

Maybe someone has hacked the system and want to hide this actions. Or it is just artifacts over time. I see no pattern, I have found 10 lines with CNAM = UNAM = '' in a IDES system. All looks like automatic generated or Z* Y* programs for training.

RSRSCAN1 is a regular program, but is replaced in newer EhPs, so could be an upgrade artifact.

But as long as there is not more informationen...

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1 Answer

Jelena Perfiljeva
Jan 08 at 07:57 PM

Please contact SAP Support with the concerns about the standard SAP programs.

TRDIR is a view, by the way, not a table. There is no check / foreign key for this field in the table though, so I'm still not clear what exactly is a concern in this case.

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Thanks Jelena

We are in touch with SAP support but also wanted to know from community if they had anything in respect of the same.