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Apr 17, 2008 at 12:34 PM

Standard text (so10) isn't sent when dynamic action is triggered...


Hi everybody!

We have a little problem with sending a standard text via dynamic action.

The dynamic action is triggered when certain personel actions take place (eg Hiring). This action should create an email and send it to certain users.

this is how i configured feature m0001:

for IT0000

IDTXT 'name of a text'


DISTR 'name of distribution list'

When personel action occures, an email is sent to distribudion list specified in the feature. But This email is completely emply!!! I checked, the name of the text is correct. I even tried to enter a standard text (MAIL_FOR_I0001_A) and still received an empty mail....

What did i do wrong?

Please help, ist pretty urgent...we are already in the test phase of the project...