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Apr 17, 2008 at 12:24 PM

DropdownMenus for every single Activity??


I have such a structure in one of my Tabs:

Activitie1-- ->Dropdown ->InputField --->RadioButton

Activitie2-- ->Dropdown ->InputField --->RadioButton

Activitie3-- ->Dropdown ->InputField --->RadioButton

I have a Context-Attribute which contains the variables (Allowed, Not Allowed, No Idea) bind to the DropdownMenu.

And for the InputField and the RadioButton, I have an action which set the readOnly of them on false, if I choose "Allowed" from the Dropdown.

Now my question:

I want to choose for every Activity any value like "Not Allowed for Activity1 and Allowed for Activity2".

This should be independent from other Activities.

Do I have to create a context-attribute for every activity?


>So I would have to create a few actions (for every Activity one action.

This must be easier, so I can seperate the lines on another way.

I hope for help.

Thank you