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Jan 04, 2018 at 09:13 AM

SAP B2B inbound scenario to use same EDI separator channel for Different parties and interfaces


HI Experts,

I'm new to SAP B2B. Could you please clarify the below points. It would be so much helpful to me.

1) Since sender and receiver id are maintained in the channel but not in the TPM this will leads to create multiple edi separator channels whenever party is changed. Can't i use the single EDI separator sender channel for different parties for same 945 inbound channel ? Please clarify

2) If the option 1 is not possible can't i use the same edi separator sender channel for a single party for all the ANSI transactions like for 810, 850, 945? Please clarify.

If both the options are not possible please suggest me any other approach instead of creating different EDI separator sender channels for different parties and for different interfaces.