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Former Member
Apr 17, 2008 at 11:52 AM

VA01 error message


Hi Experts,

I do have one issue.

The issue is that for example I have a text "SUDHEER" for Delivery and Billing block in VA01 Tcode..

If the enduser enter the value "SUDHEER" in Delivery or Billing Block when he saves it the message should comes as u have entered wrong text .so that the enduser undertsands that he should enter other text in Delivery and Billing Block.

I have written the code for this, but with an Error message.For this purpose the screen is unable to proceed .so i need a code how to enter another text when wrong text is placed.

If i give Information message if we save it,it will be saved so i need allow the enduser till he enters data in the Delivery and Billing Blocks correctly instead of "SUDHEER".

The code is as follows.


( t180-trtyp = 'H' ) and

( vbak-lifsk = 'SUDHEER' or vbak-faksk = 'SUDHEER' ) .

message e398(00) ' Wrong Entry'.

Thanks in Advance,