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Extract fields from the SOAP body during mapping

Hi all,

I have an Abap Proxy to SOAP scenario with a main payload and an attachment. During mapping I need the reference of the attachment to store the reference in the main payload. I don't need the attachment itself.


  <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes" ?> 
- <!--  Eingangs-Message 
- <SAP:Manifest xmlns:SAP="" xmlns:xlink="" xmlns:wsu="" wsu:Id="wsuid-manifest-5CABE13F5C59AB7FE10000000A1551F7">
- <SAP:Payload xlink:href="cid:payload-E742FF47D930DE5CE1000000C107826A">
  <SAP:Description /> 
- <SAP:Payload xlink:href="cid:payload-EE42FF47D930DE5CE1000000C107826A">
  <SAP:Description /> 

I need the attachment reference as string inside my main payload: cid:payload-EE42FF47D930DE5CE1000000C107826A

I wrote an user defined function to select the MessageId, but the MessageId is only part of the reference to the main payload.

String constant;
java.util.Map map;
map = container.getTransformationParameters();

constant = (String) map.get(StreamTransformationConstants.MESSAGE_ID); 
return constant;

Has anybody an idea to get the reference of the attachment from the SOAP body with an user defined function or an adapter module?

Thanks and kind regards


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2 Answers

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    Apr 18, 2008 at 07:03 AM


    You can use Dynamic Cofiguration in UDF to accessthese parameters.

    Thanks & Regards,


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      Apr 21, 2008 at 07:06 AM


      You will try with the "PayloadSwapBean " and "MessageTransformBean"...

      It will work with your requirement.....





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        thank you all for the information. I found a solution for my problem on the sender side. I wrote an own helper class with the method create_attach_from_txt_withref. This method build an attachment with an own reference and write the reference back to the payload.

        This reference will not be changed within the execute_asynchronous method of the proxy.

        Method parameters:

        P_DATA        Importing   Type     STRING
        P_TYPE        Importing   Type     STRING
        P_NAME        Importing   Type     STRING
        P_ATTACHMENT  Exporting   Type Ref IF_AI_ATTACHMENT
        P_AREF        Exporting   Type     STRING

        Method coding:

        METHOD create_attach_from_txt_withref.
          DATA: lo_attachment TYPE REF TO cl_ai_attachment,
                l_payload     TYPE REF TO if_xms_payload,
                l_pref        TYPE        sxms_mf_s,
                l_guid        TYPE        guid_32,
                l_aref        TYPE        string.
          CLASS cl_ai_factory DEFINITION LOAD.
        " create the attachment
          p_attachment = cl_ai_factory=>create_attachment_from_text(
                        p_data = p_data             " attachment data
                        p_type = p_type             " attachment type
                        p_name = p_name ).          " attachment name
        " we need an implementing class of the interface if_ai_attachment
          lo_attachment ?= p_attachment.
        " get the new payload
          l_payload = lo_attachment->get_payload( ).
        " get the reference of the payload
          l_pref = l_payload->getreference( ).
        " build an own reference
              ev_guid_32 = l_guid.
          CONCATENATE 'payload-' l_guid '' INTO l_aref.
          CONCATENATE 'cid:'     l_aref            INTO l_pref-href.
        " set our own reference
          l_payload->setreference( reference = l_pref ).
        " write back the modified payload
          lo_attachment->set_payload( p_payload = l_payload ).
        " return of the reference
          p_aref = l_aref.

        If anybody has an idea how to read the soap body within an adapter module please let me know.