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Former Member
Apr 17, 2008 at 11:35 AM

Vendor procurement block for PO's only -- Urgent assistance required!


I need to block a prospective vendor for PO's. PReq and RFQ should still be available. Using MK05 or XK05 blocks the vendor for RFQ's. When looking at the configuration in the QM section for this, you select that it should be for a PO or a RFQ or GR etc. The problem however is that whether selecting RFQ or not, it is still blocked for this task at header level.

The program verifying the block does not verify what type of block, but only sees the complete vendor as blocked.

By looking at the you will see ME41 does not check the config table TQ04A (Functions that can be blocked) to check if RFQ should be blocked. It just checks the vendor table if the vendor is blocked.

Is this a gap/error in this program function? Is there a patch etc available that I can use. To overcome this, not even a development with a user exit will help, as this verification does not refer back to the correct table.

Please can someone advise!?