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Jan 03, 2018 at 03:46 PM

Is oracle cloud supported as cms database reposiroty?



We are moving our Oracle database to Oracle cloud. So, we made and import/expor of the schemas of the CMS Database Repository of the Information Platform Services (IPS). We just change the IP address in the tnsnames to point to the new cloud server, but when trying to start SIA then the CMS can not start and crash with the error "CentralManagementServer stopped with exit code = 139 (0x8b)."

So we decided to copy the CMS datasource to the cloud using the util, but it doesn't work.The copy was succesfull but when starting the servers we got the same error with the CMS and servers can not start.

I also review the PAM but I can not find anything that support if Oracle cloud is supported or not, Is there any procedure we must follow to change the database?

Thank you very much