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Apr 17, 2008 at 09:33 AM

SeeBurger Adapter PostInstallation


Hi guys,

I'm back with another cool doubt... 😊

We're using SeeBurger AS2 Adapter and we've followed every installation step described in the corresponding manuals.

I'd like to try a short example, sending a test message to a partner just to check if the installation is working properly. However, I've bumped at the point when I was creating the sender communication channel. When trying to select the AS2 Adapter, there's no signal of it. I can only get all the SAP BASIS Adapters (RFC, Idoc, etc...) list displayed, no signal of AS2.

So I thought, let me check if the corresponding SWCV is correctly installed.

After digging up on SLD I've found the corresponding:

Installed Software Component AS2Adapter and

Installed Support Package: AS2Adapter

However, there was something that caught my eye. They both have version '0'. That seemed a bit odd, since evey component has the corresponding version after the installation. Can any of you guys who worked with the Seeburger Adapter check if this setting is alright? Can you guys check your SLD SWCV?

If you think there's something missing and the SLD setting has nothing to do with it, please give me an idea....

Thanks a lot in advance.





Another Question:

The imported .tpz in the IntegrationRepository 'SEEBURGER_EDI_ADAPTER' responsible for the corresponding AS2 Adapter which I'm trying to use in the IntegrationDirectory corresponds to a Software Component Version with a key from the SLD where we can check the associated GUID.

Well, I was expecting to see this SWCV in the SLD, but nothing...I've searched all the generated GUIDS in the SLD from ContentMaintenance and there's not there...

Am I missing any activation?

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