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Apr 17, 2008 at 09:18 AM

Load from BI to SEM-BCS Version-Dependent hierarchies


I need in Your help again.....

I load master data of items from BI Char 0GL_ACCOUNT. Hierarchies of this char are Version-Dependent: we have hierarchy H1 with hierarchy versions 100 and 200.

In SEM-BCS we have versions of consolidation 100 (with spesial version 100) and 200 (with spesial version 200). Hierarchy of items defined as version-dependent.

I want to load Hierarchy H1 (with hierarchy versions 100) to SEM-BCS in consolidation version 100, using Method Load from data stream. In settings of this method in tab "Selection" I select hierarhy H1 for Single Selection and manualy - hierarchy version 100 to field Hierarchy Version. But when I execute this method, system doesn see the data: "No data has been read from the sourse data stream"

But if in BI Hierarchies of char 0GL_ACCOUNT are not Version-Dependent, in SEM-BCS all in order.

Can anybody help me?