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Apr 17, 2008 at 09:10 AM

User exit


Hi All,

RFEBLB00 is the standard lockbox program. To fulfill some clearing criteria for company codes, some user exists were added to the standard program.

user exits EXIT_RFEBLB20_001 and EXIT_RFEBLB20_002 were created for it.

Then again for some requirement a copy of the prg RFEBLB00 was created as ZRFEBLB00.

Now this ZRFEBLB00 no more calls the prg RFEBLB20 but it calls a copy of it i.e. ZRFEBLB20.

now user exits are not being working can any body help me regarding this...

i think in RFEBLB20 we have the statements like

CALL CUSTOMER-FUNCTION '001'. so then it goes for the user exit EXIT_RFEBLB20_001 and works accordingly..

but in ZRFEBLB20 the same stament cannt call the user exit EXIT_RFEBLB20_001 as it looks for the EXIT_ZRFEBLB20_001 which cannt be created (as we cannt create this user exit for Zprg) but i have to use the same user exit...

can i use any other statements which can replace this CALL CUSTOMER-FUNCTION '001'. ..

or else...

can i use CALL FUNCTION ' EXIT_RFEBLB20_001'.

please help me regarding this..