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Former Member
Jan 03, 2018 at 01:52 PM

Characteristic with 'No Display' in BeX


Hi Experts,

I have a characteristic in the 'Rows' of a BeX report with display set to 'No Display'. But in the report output, we see that the data is aggregated taking into consideration the 'Hidden' characteristic as well.

For example A, B, C are in the rows of a BeX report. A & B are of normal display while C is of 'No Display'. In some cases, values for A & B are same for multiple records and the value of C is different for those records. Now instead of aggregating the results for these records in the same line, the report displays multiple lines for the same A & B values since C which is of 'No Display' is also present in the result rows.

Is there any way to not display the characteristic value in BeX [using No Display] and also not consider this characteristic for the report level aggregation?