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Former Member
Apr 17, 2008 at 08:35 AM

File to JDBC error



I'm doing file to jdbc scenario.

I gave the connection path as

{Microsoft Access Driver(*.mdb)};DBQ=//hstxid/XITEST1/file2jdbc/rec.mdb

In Runtime workbench it is giving the error as

Attempt to establish database connection failed with SQL error Unable to locate a suitable JDBC driver to establish a connection to URL '{Microsoft Access Driver(*.mdb)};DBQ=//hstxid/XITEST1/file2jdbc/rec.mdb'

Delivery of the message to the application using connection AFW failed, due to: Database connection could not be established.

Can u please tell me if the error is in creating the table in MSAccess or anyother , as the structure of the table is same as i have given in xi.