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Oct 21, 2016 at 08:38 AM

Knowledge Sharing Null Points - In my Eyes the wrong way


Hello community,

as far as I understand it correctly, the operators of the SAP Community decided to disable the point award for blog posts. The reason is, that the members should decide which posts are valuable and which are not. But if I look in past of the SCN and look at the behaviour of the members I see that hundreds of members read the posts, but only max. 1% write comments or rate the posts. And now I ask to myself: For what reasons should this behavior change? I think about it and find no answer, which means there are no reasons. From this perspective I think the disableling of point awards for blog posts is a wrong decision. I think that all blog posts, each of them which describes single tiny steps for special solutions to solve special problems in the SAP context, is very precious and each of them is worth being to be rewarded. But the most members take the information and do what they always do - nothing. For this reason I ask to rethink the decision.