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Apr 17, 2008 at 07:26 AM

FOREACH scenario : usage of Receiver or Interface variable


Hi fellow ccBPMers

I have scenario with flat files that must be read and split up into individual files.

First file is a Header Flat File containing 4 Header records

A xxxxxxxxxxxx 
B xxxxxxxxxxxx
C xxxxxxxxxxxx
D xxxxxxxxxxxx

Second file is a Detail Flat File containing the associate Detail records

A Line 1 
A Line 2 
B Line 1 
B Line 2 
B Line 3 
C Line 1
D Line 1
D Line 2
D Line 3
D Line 4

This must be merged and produce another 4 files (they will be IDOCS)

File1 :  A xxxxxxxxxxxx  with a Line 1 and 2

File2:   B xxxxxxxxxxxx  with Line 1 and 2

File3 :  C xxxxxxxxxxxx  with Line 1

File4 :  D xxxxxxxxxxxx  Line 1, 2, 3 and 4

I have considered the usage of a Block FOREACH to process a multiline container that I have set up that should contain a record for each grouping of lines.

Now for the FOREACH the multiline element lets me choose either a Receivers (from a ReceiverDetermination step)

OR seems that also choose an instance variable of my collected group of records.

Question then is : If I choose the instance variable, will the FOREACH simply loop through each collected group of records and send them one at a time (if so I would not need the determine receivers step - as suggested by saphelp doco).

I'd appreciate it if somebody could consider the scenario and provide an opinion. Points awarded of course !