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How to reATP sales orders from ECC without an ATP relevant change?

Hello Gurus:

Here is the background and the problem statement.

We would like to re-ATP same sales order lines because we recognize that they could benefit from recently arrived stock / purchase orders. The stock will not arrive at the same plant where the delivering plant in ECC is. It could be at a different plant or for a different product. When we re-ATP from ECC, it will go through RBA (Rules Based ATP) in GATP (Global Available To Promise application in SCM) and could find a better confirmed date/quantity.

One may ask the question: Why you do not allow this order to go BOP (Backorder Processing) in SCM? The reason for this is that, we have turned OFF RBA in the case of BOP so that the ATP confirmations are more stable.

At this time, we perform the reATP check from ECC through a BDC and it is quite slow. The question is this: how can we use a standard BAPI to do the same and still trigger ATP in SCM/GATP? Some example BAPIs / Options are listed below. The bottom line is that any BAPI (including the one that I mentioned below) will not trigger ATP if there is no ATP relevant change. 1.BAPI_SALESORDER_CHANGE. What is the place where the BAPI decides that it is not change relevant and therefore, skips the ATP check (and this what we are trying to avoid. As you can see this calls CALL FUNCTION 'SD_SALESDOCUMENT_CHANGE' and we may need to get into this. 2.The other option is to explore the program SDV03V02. In this program, you will see that the standard system will call CALL FUNCTION 'SD_BACKORDER_CHECK_AND_SAVE'. System What the standard system will do is to recognize that the material / plant is SCM relevant and it will not do anything (which is what we should avoid). Please suggest any potential solutions for this problem. Thanks in advance.

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