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MC62 characteristics value in sorted order

Jan 02 at 07:19 PM


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We use MC62 to maintain Planning Hierarchy levels for Info structure (S901) at sold-to party & ship-to party levels.

In MC62 transaction, values for Sold-to party are not displaying in sorted manner (ascending or descending). Also in MC62, search button is grayed out. Due to this when there are lots of sold-to values maintained at any Prod Allocation object level then business user has to manually search for sold-to to double click & go to next level.

Is there any way to sort Info structure Characteristics values (in our case Sold-to) in MC62?

Any other suggestions are most welcome.



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Couldn't test this in our system but just a thought: you might want to post a screenshot and the definition of your info structure. This could be related to the specific definition and S901 is in the custom structure number range. I.e. it exists only in your system.



Hi Jelena,

here is screenshot. In MC62 sold-to values are not displaying in order.

How do I make Sold-to in Sorted order in MC62. So it is easy to search.


mc62.jpg (43.4 kB)
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1 Answer

Jelena Perfiljeva
Jan 03 at 06:13 PM

It looks like a table control or even just separate fields, so I doubt there is a search/sort option available like in ALV, for example. Since it's a standard SAP transaction, I'd suggest to contact SAP Support. If it's a key field (you haven't shared the structure definition) then it's not unreasonable to expect the data to be sorted by it.

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Yes it is one of the key field.

I wanted to know if there is any configuration that controls sorting, but seems like not. So, I'll go ahead & open OSS Message. Thanks for your reply!

I'm surprised to not find any discussion on this.