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Basic HCI question

Jan 02 at 12:56 PM


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Hi Experts,

i am new to HCI and plan to build up a simple scenario to study. Currently i have a HCI tenant, a back end on premise S4 HANA with cloud connection configured. The scenario i plan to setup is:

SOAPUI-->HCI SOAP Sender--> simple mapping-->HCI SOAP Receiver-->on premise H4.

here are my questions:

1. Where is the place to build up message type in HCI?

2. if the address field of the SOAP sender is /cxf/test, how can i send the request data to this adapter via SOAP UI? From where can i get the WSDL to make the call?

3. If i have a configured destination call S4_HANA_Dest and it can be connected, how can i used it to configure the SOAP receiver adapter? just fill it into the address field?

4. will the relevant inbound service interface be automatically called by using the namespace and message type?


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2 Answers

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Sriprasad Shivaram Bhat
Jan 02 at 02:22 PM

Hello Stephen,

There is no concept of Data Type and Message Type in SAP CPI .You have to build custom xsd using eclipse or using freely available online tools like

In case of WSDL creation there is very good blog by Eng Swee using Eclipse Tooling.

Below blog will tell you basic steps followed for SOAP to ERP IDOc scenario.

Hope it helps you.


Sriprasad Shivaram Bhat

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stephen xue Jan 03 at 09:40 AM

thanks Sriprasad.

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