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C4C Quotation Replication: Print PDF Preview

Dear Experts,

we want to use the C4C - ERP Replication for quotations. If we activate this flag for specific quotation types in fine tuning -> quotation -> document types, the flag for "customer approval" is set automatically to true and no changes can be made.

This means, that "preview" action button in quotation is not available for this quotation type. Why is it like this? And is there any possibility to use Preview and Replication together?

Thanks & Regards.

Stefan Schmitt, FIS

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3 Answers

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    May 12, 2018 at 03:08 AM

    Dear Stefan,

    if you enable the flag "Replication" - The flag for Direct Customer Acceptance will be automatically enabled.

    Direct customer acceptance: By choosing this option, sales quote output document submission will be disabled.

    - Sales quotes that are replicated bi-directional cannot be printed in C4C.
    - If a Sales Quote is created in an External system then, the leading system for the Sales Quote is the External System.
    - For such scenarios, summary generation is not supported in C4C.

    However, you may post this query in the forum SAP Customer Influence Site - ). So that our product development team can validate your requirement to see if they can release in future releases.

    Amit Kumar

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    • Dear Amit,

      thanks for your answer. We have "solved" this by using 2 document types of quotation.

      -One type for C4C only, in which we can do pricing, preview and sending to customer with "Submit" Button

      -This is copied into other document type, which then can be sent to SAP with "Submit" button

      In my Opinion this is no good solution. Why is it not possible to just use one document type which can be used for pricing, preview, sending to customer AND after that sending to SAP if needed.

      Maybe let me explain what our customer wants to achieve: They want to have C4C as leading system for quotations. They sent it to customer. If customer accepts and quotation is won it should be transferred to SAP, because then in SAP there are processes running that automatically create orders or contracts out of this quotation.

      It seems this is no standard process for SAP and you thinking rather of processes like this?:

      -Quotations management is done completely in C4C and only won quotations are transferred as orders to SAP

      -Quotations management is done completely in SAP and documents are just replicated for information to C4C

      But then why is it possible to create quotations in C4C AND send them to SAP? But for using this I have to pass on the most comfortable functionalties of C4C like preview and sending to customer? This makes no sense.

      TLDR: What to do if C4C is the leading system for quotation management but won quotations should also be replicated to SAP? I want to use preview and sending to customer, but I also want to use sending to SAP.


      Stefan, FIS

  • Jan 10, 2018 at 07:03 AM

    Dear Stefan

    When the Quote is set for Replication is enabled, Preview Action is disabled because Print Preview option gets enabled to print the ERP Sales Document in C4C.

    This is the standard behavior of the C4C sytsem when replication of Sales Document is enabled.

    Thanks and Regards


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  • Aug 14, 2018 at 02:34 PM


    Do you have set up the document flow for your quote process?

    In combination with output types in ECC and ADS (adobe document server) you can generate some output from the document flow in the quote in C4C.

    The output type will point to a form template in ECC.



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