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PRODUCT_ID definition for hybris Marketing

Dear Communtiy,

we are using hybris Commerce and hybris Marketing on prem. Now we’d like to replicate our products fom yCommerce to yMarketing.

According to the “Data Management Upload Interfaces” Document, the semantic product keys are PRODUCT_ORIGIN and PRODUCT_ID. The value for PRODUCT_ORIGIN is clear - but what value should, can or must be used for PRODUCT_ID?

Do we have to use the IDs from yCommerce?

  • If yes, what would the ID be? code or pk from BaseProduct or from SortVariant?

Can we define individual IDs?

  • We are considering using our own composite ID (bases on two custom fields in yCommerce)

Does the selection of the ID affect in any way later Recommendations from yMarketing to yCommerce?

Thank you,
best regards,

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1 Answer

  • Jan 03, 2018 at 11:14 AM

    Hi Peter,

    Basically is the purpose of the PRODUCT_ID in Hybris Marketing to provide an external identification of the particular product instances together with the ID_OF_ORIGIN.

    If you load, for example from hybris commerce product browsing data, product reviews or product rating, you have to pass on for the transferred interaction also the PRODUCT_ID and the ID_ORIGIN of the product. With this reference it is possible to identify in segmentation the consumers which have generated to related interactions of a certain product.

    Secondly, if you want to include products into emails of a campaign you need to identify the desired products by means of the product ID and ID_OF_ORIGIN.

    In a Retail scenario it is as of release 1711 possible to distinguish a Base Product from a product variant by means of a simple relation between both. So the new interface API_MKT_PRODUCTS offers in additional pair BASE_PRODUCT_ID and BASE_PRODUCT_ORIGIN to build up this relation, from example when loading products from Hybris Commerce.

    For more details, please refer to our documentation

    I hope this answers your inquiry.

    Kind Regards,
    Josef Ehbauer
    Product Owner Hybris Marketing

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    • Dear Peter,

      unfortunately not, the support of base product / variants was added in 1711 release and will be available in On-premise with release 1709 SP01.

      The API_MKT_PRODUCT_SRV is a new approach of ODATA service, which supports batch and merge capabilities. It is recommended to not use anymore CUAN_IMPORT_SRV for the purpose to import product and product category assignment. The same is true for the service API_MKT_PRODCAT_HIERARCHY_SRV.

      By means of the attributes AdditionalProductID and AdditionalProductOrigin one can add additional IDs in any case where multiple SAP systems are integrated with Hybris Marketing. If you have for instance a triangle landscape with C4C, ERP and yMK you need for products the ID of ERP materials to reference Sales Orders, but also the ID of C4C products to reference opportunities to the same product. For that purpose we have introduced the ability to capture multiple pairs <ID / ID_ORIGIN> for that kind of complex system landscapes. You can add those additional IDs with the specific function import. For details refer also to the available payload examples in our documentation.

      For recommendations in yCOM you should take care that the ID of the commerce product is available in yMK. It is even advisable to integrate products from yPCM with our standard integration content or better with the newly introduced express way as described in the following blog.

      I will also attach some samples that allows you to import base products and variants by means of CSV upload into your system.

      Kind Regards,
      Josef Ehbauer
      Hybris Marketing