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Apr 16, 2008 at 10:16 PM

Char Relationship Error while Copying



When I try copying from Version 0 to JAN, I get the following Error Message in IP. I know this is of type Char. Relationship. However, When I go and look at the Version 0 for any invalid entries, I found nothing. If we see as per the message, I could not find ' # " controlling area for that specific record. Can anyone tell me where the issue is. My planning filter has minimal restrictions and there are no restriction on Versions, meaning while reading, I made it to read other verisons also. I've used COPY function.

"You are either using a relation of type attribute in the characteristic relationships or are using a navigation attribute. Characteristic '0COMP_CODE' is being used in the relation or is a navigation attribute.

Combination '1000/F100032,2001,1000/P0041,#' is not included in the master data table for characteristic '0COSTCENTER'. According to the master data table, only the combination '1000/F100032,2001,1000/P0041,1000' is valid"

Your inputs are appreciated