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Apr 16, 2008 at 09:57 PM

Seeking clarification



The following is my understanding - gleaned from comments people have made to me and my reading. Please help me by letting me know if each point is correct or not:

1. Elimination entities are required for each hierarchy of entities

2. An entity can have only one parent in each hierarchy. (Would it be possible to repeat the entity to work around this?)

3. BPC is not BIDI enabled

4. Cannot use time dependent hierarchies (Display prior period business with prior hierarchy and with current hierarchy of units)

5. Partner company identifier has to be different from company identifier

6. Can upload and download trial balances; cannot load from R/3 or ECC directly or thru' BW

7. No easy way to deal with Financial statements having to be restated for prior periods

8. No easy way to deal with Discontinued Operations

9. Can load data for single entities but not for a mix of single entity and group of entities

10. If I want the entity owner to transform and load his own data, and validate, I have to give him admin rights (not sure on this)

11. Asian languages are not available yet

12. Cannot reload trial balances unless owner changes status from submitted

13. Need to create a separate YTD application if I want to load cumulative trial balances

14. The history of capital investment in an entity is not saved.

15. The rates in the rate application have to be loaded and cannot be derived from the tcurr table in R/3

16. Uploading the database to SAP support is the way for support to investigate any issues

17. Cannot assign multiple task profiles to individuals or teams

18. Performance dashboard is not part of the current product and will not be

19. Cannot load trial balances in both local and group currency; BPC has to do the currency translation (with the attendant issues relating to common stock etc.)

20. If you have more than 500,000 records to copy, you should take the system off line before you do so; else performance issues and time out

21. Consolidated financial information is confidential until the numbers are published; it is better to create separate reports for the consolidated level so that people at lower levels in the hierarchy CANNOT run the reports (not sure on this)

22. Have to turn off SOX compliance on the server to enable users to sign on only once.

23. Even in BPC7.0, master data will be duplicated in BW and BPC.

Thank you very much for your patience. I very much like the front end of BPC. I'm just trying to confirm my understanding.