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Jan 02, 2018 at 07:33 AM

Credit Limit -CONSORTIUM


Hello All,

My client is on ECC 6.0 and will be implementing credit management.

The scenario is as follows :

Check the possibility of defining “EXCEPTION RULE” customers with respect to each company code even after they have crossed the credit limit. The authorization for maintaining such exceptions should be provided only to a few people in business. Change log to be defined for maintenance of this exception rule.
For example : Customer A is dealing with different business units. It has a credit limit of say 10 Million SAR and customer has already crossed the credit limit by 2.5 million SAR. In this situation, business wants to deliver goods worth 1 Million SAR from Co. Code X and 500,000 SAR from Co. code B. Beyond this exception limit, delivery creation should be disallowed.
The customer is using a centralised credit management system.

How to map the same without using H.O/Branch ?.