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Apr 16, 2008 at 09:27 PM




Can you help me in this SAP Query.

User wants Report on vendors based on region, profit center and cost center.

I used the following in my infoset (SQ02) joined LFA1 and BASK

LFA1 Fields

1. Vendor - LFA1-LIFNR

2. Region - LFA1-Regio

BSAK Fields-

1. Company Code - BSAK-BURKS

2. Fiscal Year - BSAK - GJAHR

3.Document Number - BSAK -BELNR

4.Amount in Document currency - BSAK-WRBTR

5.GL Account - BSAK-HKONT

6.Cost Center: BSAK-KOSTL

7.Profit Center - BSAK-PRCTR

If have assigned this infoset to user group (SQ03) and created query in SQ01.

When trying to excute it says no data found.

Can you please help us in this and let me know how to get this report done.

Will assign good points.