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Former Member
Apr 16, 2008 at 09:10 PM

Lockbox giving cash discount when invoice is short paid



The issue I am having is when the customer short pays an invoice that had a discount on it, Instead of creating an New Residual Item for the pending amount without discount, the system gave the customer the discount then created the New Residual Item.

During payment advice posting the message ‘The difference is too large for clearing’ is being generated before our custom code (i.e Substitution exit ) execution.

We designed the substitution exit to handle the discount scenario but the message is coming way before the it.

Standard SAP program is always considering the discount and when the total unassigned amount is greater than the tollerance amount it is giving the message ‘The difference is too large for clearing’

How can i make it so that the discount is not given and the New Residual Item is created for the total amount of the short payment?