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Input driven Year wise filter for a report webi

Jan 01 at 07:15 AM


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I have a webi document that has a date interval field as input. for e.g. 21.11.2013 to 30.11.2015

But in the webi report, I need

1. a report/resultset (resultset preferable) that filters only data of the minimum year.

2. a separate report/resultset (same doc) that filters data of the (minimum year +1)

3. reports/resultset that filters data of the ((minimum year + n ) where n is all years in the selected date interval prompt.

Basically an year wise report of all the years in the interval.

Any ideas how to achieve the same? I have made a variable dimension using substring function deriving the year. Using Min(toNumber(year)) function I can derive the minimum year for a row in the report which is itself useless because every row shows a date and a minimum year in that year is always that year.

How to filter an entire resultset with using data in a input prompt?

Using Break is not an option because each resultset would be having unique formulae to that year.



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seshu P Jan 03 at 11:22 AM


Create 3 variables 1. year (Input date) v1 = year (input date)) & 2. current year v2 = year(current date)

3. diff v3 = v2-v1

Now restrict table/block with v3 values 1,&2 &3.

if we restrict with 2 then it willdisplay 2016 data.

assume if we pass value as 1.1.2013 to 1.1.2017 then v3 will have 1,2,3,4 .


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