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In SAP PLM, new specification impact on demand planning.

Hello Experts, I am new to PLM and I'm trying to understand when new Specification is created and when the Raw Materials are assigned to it, how does it impact the Demand planning? I'm trying to understand the logic and what objects or characteristics are responsible to such connection?

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2 Answers

  • Jan 01, 2018 at 06:37 PM

    Dear Pravin

    I am sorry: your doubts/questions are to "high level" as some one can provide an answer (even no simple answer is possible)

    1:) First: do not combine "PLM" with "specification". This is not a good idea (in my opinion). in PLM (if we talk about the same) we have either Recipe Management and/or Recipe Development. But "today": it is more or less Recipe Development. And yes to a certain extend: we have the same "basic" framework. But the purpose; use (idea of use) is different and therefore you should not generally combine them.

    Generally: PLM as a term can have the "full meaning": Product life cycle management: So as part of demand planning: you need potentially to consider topics as "ROHS"; Waste Handling etc. (but this depends really on your specific needs).

    Therefore; please read these blogs:

    You might get an is idea which SAP solution exists for which purpose.

    2.) second: you need a good understanding regarding the "material management" part of SAP (and the basic material types normally used) to get the "link" between: what is a "material", What is a "specification", and how to combine them (and at which point in time etc.)

    3.) If we talk about "demand" planning and EHS or PLM related topics: here as well you need to figure out. what is "really" your question..

    A "demand" can come up because of internal and external needs. These needs are handled different in SAP processes. If we talk about "chemistry": the topic of "demand" handling might be linked as well with solutions as: SAP Product And FReach Compliance Suite and similar SAP solutions

    Conclusion: there is no option to provide a "simple" answer to your question. Depending on the "exact" question: either you need a "booklet" to get the answer, one book or a number of books (as the SAP processes are highly integrated to each other)

    E.g. if you extend your "question": you need potentially (as part of "Demand" planning) to consider solutions as SAP GTS (and may be others as well).


    PS: may be take a look here:

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  • Apr 13, 2018 at 02:38 PM


    Thank You for your answer.

    As I learn more PLM and its functionality things have become more clearer. Your blogs are most informative and I want to Thank You for sharing your knowledge and expertise in this area.

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