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Apr 16, 2008 at 04:38 PM

Authorization problem (URGENT)


Hello Gurus,

I'm having this issue with authorizations.

I have an Input Ready Query running perfectly. It has Cost Centers and respective Cost Elements in rows, and it shows ALL Cost Centers and Almost All Cost Elements. I've excluded some Cost Elements that are going to be used in other queries, specific to Company Areas. (Human Resources for example).

In this query, each area can see their Cost Centers due to an Authorization Variable for Cost Centers that checks the authorizations assigned to each user.

There are 10 Authorization Analysis, one for each area of the Company. When the user executes the query he can only see the respective Cost Centers and Cost Elements.

This is the general Plan Query.

My Authorization Analysis are like this one (Human Resources example)




0TCAACTVT: 02, 03, 16




That works fine. But now i'm having a problem that i'm not beeing able to overtake.

I have another Input Query where Human Resources are going to plan the Costs with Personel. In this query, Human Resources must see ALL Cost Centers but only some Cost Elements .

I've created another Authorization Analysis where i give access to all Cost Centers and only to the specific Cost Elements, and assigned it to the HR user. He now has the 2 Auth. Analysis.

Now he can´t execute any of the 2 Queries.

Can anyone help me on this! Please!!!!!!!