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Serial number issue in tracing from Sales production till final delivery to customer

Dear All,

Here we follow MTO scenario,and maximum lot size 1 for FG. So if sales order qty is 3, then 3 planned orders will get generated. Further they will be converted to 3 Production orders with quantity 1 per order.

Now our client demands in sales order when qty is entered 3,then serial number 1 - 3 to be generated (which i achieved). What they want is, in all 3 production orders also header serial number should be same like,

Sales order Prdn Order No Serial No

1400001 10001 1

1400001 10002 2

1400001 10003 3


Is it possible to achieve the same through OIS2?

Kindly guide me.

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  • As a side note, I'm kind of wondering if you have such a manufacturing process that consumes one serial number per whole production order then maybe the serial number functionality is not even the best match for your process? Based on what I've seen, it seems to be more geared towards mass production. E.g. multiples of the same product, just with different serials. If you have such unique items then maybe it's worth looking for something different, "out of the box"? Standard SAP search and reporting for serial numbers is not great anyway, so I imagine locating the order # by serial must be painful as well. So why stick to it then?

    Just a thought.

  • Hello Jelena,

    Thanks for your reply. Its mass production but not multiples of same product, here its garment industry and they manufacture Men and women jackets of various types. For each and every combination( Color, size,leather type) there will be one jacket FG (black,36 size,Goat) ,so probability is more. Here the cut pieces of one jacket are kept in one tray including button evrything and the same is distributed to production stitching line whichever is free and finally end of production line you'll get a jacket by stitching all those parts together.

    So since they have tray method with unique bar code id pasted in each tray they want one production order (1 prdn order = 1 tray) with one qty only. So if 5 qty in Sales order, then you'll get 5 production orders with production order no as unique bar code no pasted in each tray. So i was able to generate 5 serial numbers in sales order automatically and i expected same assigning of serial numbers to production orders as mentioned in the example above. But rather i need to assign manually each serial number to each production. After that finally during delivery from SD,the same serial number from production order is linked and the same can later be used for traceability during return from customer during rejection.


  • I'm not an expert but this looks rather like a batch scenario than serial number. Are you using AFS? There is a blog about batch assignment in production order in AFS.

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1 Answer

  • Jan 02, 2018 at 12:54 PM

    Hi Jeffrey,

    Its not possible using any configuration.

    You have to do enhancement in production order to achieve this.

    Probably user exit IQSM0001 can be useful to achieve this.


    Amarnath Dube

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