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Apr 16, 2008 at 01:40 PM

Initialize Synch Crash after 30-40 minutes on version 627


I have installed the new version of webtools (627) and the Synch Manager crashes after 30-40 minutes after starting the initial synch process. No error messages are given, it simply unloads. I have tried a number of times following a server reset etc with the same result.

The synch manager log shows the following as the last entry each time:



<date>2008-04-16 12:43:22.71</date>


<message>Starting SBOPartner synch.</message>


<objecttype />

<objectid />


I have also run SQL Profiler to try to get some insight into what is going on.

The last TSQL caught by the profiler is:

exec sp_executesql N'SELECT LineNum FROM CRD1 WHERE CardCode = @cardcode AND Address = @address AND AdresType = @type',N'@cardcode nvarchar(8),@address nvarchar(32),@type nvarchar(1)',@cardcode=N'C21581D2',@address=N'Area 5- Malahide Dent-DO NOT USE',@type=N'S'

I have looked at this customer and their addresses and cannot see anything unusual.

The process that I followed was:

Uninstall the previous version via control panel - add remove.

Install the new version (Installer and Synch manager)

Using the installer create a new instance (B627)

Restore a new copy of the Promed SAP db (Promed627)

Setup salesperson, customer, and payment term in SAP

Open synch mgr, install plugin into Promed627.

Setup other Synch mgr parameters and table values.

I used this process because I did not want previous versions to cloud any issues. Therefore I started with a fresh install and fresh data.

I have checked the installer and synch dll's and they are all version 627.