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Dynamic filtering webi

I have a webi with BEx query as source having input prompt year interval.

The result report I want by year.

i.e. 1 webi doc containing multiple reports, each report for 1 year. So for a range given 2013-2015, I have 3 reports 2013 report, 2014 report and 2015 report.

Is there a way where I can take the input from year interval prompt, set it to Min(year) and restrict the report by that?

For the rest of the report, I would then do min(year) + n where n will 1,2,3,4 repectively for each report.

I tried making a variable, =min(tonumber(year)). I get the min year as a number, in my example 2,013. But how do I restrict/filter a report on this number which would be dynamic. ie for a range say 2009 to 2016, min would be 2009.



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