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Dec 29, 2017 at 11:40 AM

Issue with the flat file load involving date values in the format of dd/mm/yyyy

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Hi experts,

I need to do a flat file load from datasource to an ADSO. A transformation with some formulas is in place in between.

The flat file is having dates in the external format i;e DD/MM/YYYY and hence at the datasource level, i put the format as EXTERNAL.

At this stage, when i ran the infopackage, it failed with the following error message. (Note that the preceding zero of the date got removed in the error message. In flat file the value was 06/05/2015 whereas the error message says 6/05/2015)

Hence i checked the "PSA in CHAR format" at the data source level and then i successfully got the data into PSA in the external format itself.

Now the issue is precipitating as below when i run the DTP from the datasource to the ADSO yielding the same message as of the earlier one at the infopackage.

I have tried using the conversion exits like RSDAT, PDATE and many more at the datasource itself but none of them are accepting an input format like DD/MM/YYYY. Since the conversion exits are not working and also for the reason that the error is evolving at the DTP level, I have written field level routines to convert the date values from the external format to the SAP internal format. But still im getting the same error when i execute the DTP. Any tips to resolve this ?

for sure you will be rewarded with points. Thanks to do the help.


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