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What is the best solution to replicate data from a Cloud Application (CF) to an on-premise BW?

We have a cloud application running on SCP (Cloud Foundry) and there are two use cases which need to be covered. The first use case is an operational reporting on the application data. We assume that we can use SAC to connect directly to HANA on SCP and cover the reporting requirements.

The second use case is an integrated reporting where the data from the app would be integrated with additional business data which is available in BW (on-premise). Can we use SDI to replicate data from the cloud app to the on-premise BW? I noticed that SDI can be used to replicate data from on-premise to the cloud but not vice versa. And is SDI available in Cloud Foundry or is this Neo only?

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  • Hi Harald,

    Could you give more background information? Usually you replicate data from on-premise to the cloud and not the other way around. If data is available on a BW, then why not consume it as Odata service directly on your cloud application via SAP Cloud Connector? Do you really need the BW data replicated on your cloud HANA db?

    What do you mean by SAC? Is this the SAP Analytics Cloud services?


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