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Apr 16, 2008 at 09:13 AM

PLD Sales Order Colsum() of quantity


Hi, experts!

I have a customer with any deliveries dates(docduedate) in lines. And a group to itemsgrpcode. In sales order have columns by month based in docduedate to indicate in what a month this items needs to do delivery.

1. Create a formula to show the month Field_XXX (Month(DocdueDate)).

2. Create 12 formulas Field_xx1(Field_XXX == '1'), Filed_xx2((Field_XXX =='2') ...

3. Set this fields Visible = 'N'.

4. Create 12 Formula fields associate a Fieldxx1, Field_xx2... to show the quantities(Field_089)

But in the the first group (itemsgrpcode) when I create a column sum of the quantities(Fieldxx1) for month show me in all columns the same total. This total is a total of quantities how a create a column sum of the field_089.

Why is it happen?