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status of KBA2462416

Dec 28, 2017 at 02:54 PM


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Greetings experts,

Loks like we are having the problem described in KBA2462416 - Error 11060 "This statement has exceeded the maximum number of recompilations" with nested views and procedures

(our current production is SP02 PL05 HF2).

I was happy to see in the KBA that it is fixed in (info from KBA):

SAP CR 807528 is fixed in:

  • SAP ASE 15.7 SP140
  • SAP ASE 16.0 SP02 PL07
  • SAP ASE 16.0 SP03 PL03

But, reading the release notes from 16.0 SP02 PL07, I could not find this fix.

Please, is this fix present in SP02 PL07? Any info when will there a fix?

Best wishes,

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Bret Halford
Dec 28, 2017 at 10:16 PM

Hi Edison,

Some time after KBA 2462416 was published a problem was found with the fix for CR 807528 and the code changes for it were backed out, so it wasn't included in 16.0 SP02 PL07 as planned.
Engineering is reworking the problem under a new CR, 811850. A proposed fix is being reviewed and may possibly make it into the 16.0 SP02 PL08 release. I will update the KBA.


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Thanks Bret for the info!

This bug is hammering us hard, a dev alter's a table, then some nested views on this table stop working. It is hard to find the bad view to recreate, since the stacktrace does not show the view. This bug does not need a procedure to trigger, but since we use prepared statements, maybe a prepared statement, as a lightweight procedure, is triggering it. To workaround this bug, we are recreating the views.

Even if we recycle ASE, the bug still happens, until we recreate the offeding view.

I will wait anxiously for the fix!

Best wishes,



Hi Edison,

As this issue is hitting you hard, I recommend you open an incident with support (if you don't already have one) to request that a 1-off ebf be generated for you as soon as the CR is fixed so you don't have to wait for the next PL rollup release (which could be months later, we are currently only releasing about 2-3 rollups a year).