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SAP ECC import stalls at 27 out of 29 imports into SAP HANA Express

Dec 28, 2017 at 08:36 AM


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Hi there

I am trying to install SAP ECC 6.0 EHP8 onto SAP HANA Express databased, and the imports have stalled at 27 out of 29.

Anybody know why or how I can check?


- Host (SAP App Server): MS Windows 2012, 16GB RAM, 40GB page file

- Guest (SAP HANA Express DB): SUSE Linux Enterprise Server with SAP, starting RAM at 12GB, 40GB swap file

I was able to successfully build an ECC 6.0 EHP8 server on MAXDB, including fully patching the server.

Any ideas why the SAP ECC imports into SAP HANA Express DB have stalled?

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2 Answers

Bartosz Jarkowski Jan 07 at 12:25 PM

The amount of memory of the database server is in my opinion way too low. Unfortunately you can’t cheat HANA by adding swap memory :(

Check the database logs, I’m pretty sure you will find some OOM exceptions.

You can also check the install logs to see whether the there are some operations ongoing.

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Rudi Leibbrandt
Jan 03 at 07:28 PM

Hello Joe, happy new year! We're not in a position to provide you with any answers here - we don't test or validate this configuration at all, because there is a EULA restriction against running HXE as an underlying DB for ECC, S/4, and other SAP applications. While HXE is fundamentally just a "regular" HANA, and what you are trying to do should reasonably be possible by following regular documentation, there are configuration items that are set specifically for HXE that might cause issues.

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Former Member

Thanks Rudi

I assumed as much (HXE not configured for SAP ECC)...and was surprised when the ECC installation not only accepted it, but managed to install 90% of the content.

I was hoping somebody has pushed it to 100%. Be great to experiment with ECC on HANA via binary EXPRESS install.



Yep - the client software has no ability to understand if you're connecting to an HXE, or any other version of HANA, by design. Let's see - perhaps someone has managed to do this. You do have the option of purchasing a 128GB license key for 3 months on the SAP store, but, that only makes sense if you have other scenarios you want to try.

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Rudi Leibbrandt

Hi Rudi

So, 5 months later and nobody else has I have investigated the 128GB 3-month license. So far the 128GB version errors out if anything less than 24Gb of RAM are available (recommended above 30).

Other scenarios...definitely. For starters, most of the Fiori apps seem to be HANA DB specific. Without HANA, I cannot setup a decent Fiori environment. Would love to run SAP ECC 6.0 EHP8 (fully patched) on a HANA DB.

Any recommendations?

Thanks again Rudi!