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Apr 15, 2008 at 08:16 PM

AB 1 Short dump text SAP Version 7.0


I am a newbie to SAP so I apologize for any ignorance in advance.

With SAP 7.0, one of our customers and I are seeing an issue with the text field of the AB 1 short dump message. The host and user slots of the message seem to be filled in incorrectly. The message text is as follows (note the space between the "blrxd1_I" and "P1_01":

> Short dump "070716 095619 blrxd1_I P1_01 " generated "

Prior to V7.0, the 2 fields were host and user:

Short dump "070716 102130 blrxb11 YEAH " generated "

I realize this is not a published API but the information in the text portion of the message still appears to be 'broken'. It appears to be putting the application server triplet in the two slots: host and user.

With SP10, the details of the message correctly show Symbolic Host and User.

With SP1 , the details section shows the "blrxd1_I" in the host field and "P1_01" in the user field.

Has anyone else seen this?

Could SAP V7.0 possibly be using the wrong message or data?

Is this a known problem?

Is there a later SP that we should install to correct this?

Thank you,