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Apr 15, 2008 at 03:24 PM

Reporting and DTP-Forwarding not possible until aggregates are initiated?


Hi specialists,

I'm a little bit curious about the following thing:

I (repeatedly) cleared all data from a cube (which has configured aggregages).

Then I loaded data to that cube again.

I expected that - as soon as the data-loading has finished - one could report on that cube.

But it seems that the cube is available for reporting earliest when the aggregates have been initiated/rolled-up. Can you confirm that? I expected that the cube would already be reportable even when the aggregates haven't been rolled up yet. The queries would be slowlier - but they should work. I that wrong?

The same thing seems to be relevant for data-loading from that cube to a further data-target (via DTP).

As long as the aggreggates weren't initiated/rolled-up the DTP always extracted 0 records from the cube.

As soon as the aggregates where initiated, the same DTP found data for extraction and forwarded it to the target-cube.

In short words: Is reporting and data-loading from an cube with uninitiated aggregates impossible?