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How to import more than one values in single key in value mapping

Dec 27, 2017 at 06:01 AM


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I am importing the values from excel sheet using NWDS 7.5.

Successfully imported the values to integration directory part.

Assigning all the values to single KEY as shown below.

When i am testing this scenario it is displaying only DELHI for KA TN DL

Please give the solution to do this scenario..

capture.jpg (30.9 kB)
capture1.jpg (51.0 kB)
captured.jpg (36.8 kB)
capturef.jpg (39.4 kB)
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3 Answers

Anurag Gupta Dec 28, 2017 at 10:39 AM

pass parameters like this one below

vm:executeMapping('<Agency>', '<Schema>', '<Value>', '<Agency>', <Xpath of the input value>"/>

vm:executeMapping('ORG_ID', 'COUNTRY', 'CT_VAL', 'ORG_ID', /EVMSTA02/IDOC/E1EVMHDR02/COUNTRY_1"/>

and this way you can maintain any key value using value groups :)

vg-country.png (19.8 kB)
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Hai Anurag Gupta,

Can you please explain me in details..



As you can see in the picture, a table contains 3 columns, first column has value repeating for all the rows, 2nd column has heading as 'COUNTRY' and 3rd as 'CT_VAL'.

'COUNTRY' Column will have values for all the country you want the translation for.

'CT_VAL' column has the values which are translated for the countries.

So if value of


this statement vm:executeMapping('ORG_ID', 'COUNTRY', 'CT_VAL', 'ORG_ID', /EVMSTA02/IDOC/E1EVMHDR02/COUNTRY_1"/> used in XSLT would return


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Hii Anurag gupta,

It is necessary to use XSLT mapping or it can be done with message mapping ??

If XSLT is required for this, can you please provide the code because iam newer to PI/PO

Umesh Reddy Jan 08 at 09:35 AM
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Ariel M. Bravo Ayala Jan 08 at 01:25 PM

I think that your Issue is that you are adding all of them into the same group. Try to decouple it in multiple groups.

Best regards,

Ariel Bravo Ayala

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Hi Ariel Bravo,

I have 200 values for value mapping.Then it will create 200 keys for that.

I don't want to create 200 keys.Is it possible to create all the values in single key ??


What is your concern? Cleanness? You can place them into a folder just to keep them tidy :-) Otherwise, you can create them in other than the standard namespace, then they will show up only in the cache. For doing that, you can use the Directory API.

Best regards,