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Dec 26, 2017 at 07:15 AM

sales order costing for Group valuation and profit center valuation automatic


Hi ,

we have activated ML and Transfer pricing. currently we are using MTO scenario.

we have created 3 costing variants.

ZPC1-Legal valuation

ZPC2-Group valuation

ZPC3-Profit center valuation

Now are facing the issue while running the SO costing for 3 valuations.

currently we are running SO Costing manual each SO line item wise for 3 valuation by using CK51N.

Ex: if we have 10 line item in SO we are running 30 times for Costing for 3 valuations.

10*Legal valuation

10*Group Valuation

10*Profit center valuation.

We have CK55 for Mass costing only for Legal valuation. and for legal valuation can be done automatically while saving SO but It is not working for Group and Profit center valuation.

is there any user exit or FM to have automatic sales order costing for 3 valuations.