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Apr 15, 2008 at 10:06 AM

Inbound deliveries and SHort Deliveries


Hi All

I have the following Scenario.

We have a central warehouse that receive goods from our Suppliers.Once the goods are received the Depot creates Inbound Delivery and sends the goods of the the mine. For eg

Purchase Order from mine is for 100. the supplier delivers what he thinks is a 100 of good quality in a box to the depot. the depot creates an Inbound delivery for 100 without checking the quantity or quality in the box. Once the box arrives at the mine it is found out that 80 is of good quality and 20 is damaged. The mine clerk receipts 80 into unrestricted and 20 into Quality or blocked stock using goods receipt inbound delivery. The confirmation tab on the PO updates with the full 100. The mine clerk then does a Goods Return against the same Inbound delivery for 20 from Quality or blocked stock and sends the goods back to the Depot. The confirmation tab on the P.O now reflects 80 as quantity reduced. As a result this will show as 20 being outstanding in your outstanding inbound delivery report VL06I. What needs to be done at the depot so that the Inbound Delivery can be updated to reflect 80 once the Depot sends the damaged goods back to the supplier.

I apologise for the essay with regards to explaining my problem. I found no easier way.

Thanks and hoping you guys will be able to assist me in resolving this ongoing problem I encounter


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