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SLD / LMDB Problems

Dec 29, 2017 at 08:04 AM


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I would like to ask what is the web link or url for Tx LMDB because its not working instead it redirecting me in <domain><port>/sap/public/myssocntl?sap-client=001 which have an error of webpage cannot display.

This is to find the solution and fix the problem regarding solman_setup > infrastructure prep > SLD Connections . No SLD sync happened after running rz70 and no background job run after running rz70 ..

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Bartosz Jarkowski Jan 02 at 09:00 AM

This may be different in SolMan 7.2 but in 7.1 the link is:


You are probably using https connection on internet explorer and the certificate in solman that you are using is not trusted. That's why you are being redirected to the myssocntl. Try to add the site to trusted zone and restart the browser.

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Hi Bartosz,

Good day!

Thanks for the link it works but after I logged our admin user i got below error.


lmdb-error.png (1.3 kB)

What is your Solution Manager version?

Did you execute all of the configuration steps in solman_setup?

Bartosz Jarkowski

Hi Bartosz,

I have installed SOLMAN 7.2 ABAP and JAVA with installation stack of SP2.

I have finished System Preparation they are all green and I'm stucked in Infrastructure Preparation (SLD Connection). I think my ABAP PUSH did not work its rz70 right? there's no background run after executing rz70.




you shouldn't use SOLMAN with SP2. The minimum recommended release is SP3. I believe the issues you encounter might be connected to this. wrote a lot of blogs about installation and configuration of SAP Solution Manager, you can start with the first blog:

Bartosz Jarkowski

Hi Thanks!

Yes, I'm following his blogs. Thanks currently I'm updating the SPs.