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Delta of consumption in /FRE/FU_TOOLS_TS_FILE_LOAD

Dec 28, 2017 at 05:05 PM


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I have a question concerning the program /FRE/FU_TOOLS_TS_FILE_LOAD.

I would like to modify the Cons_data time serie using a Delta? => Can I inject -100pces, and the system understands that it has to substract 100 to the quantity of the week concerned ??

I have a lot of consumptions to correct, I have the quantity to remove, but I don't have the consumption of the week (too much data to extract).

Is there any solution to just inject the delta?

Thank you for your help,


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1 Answer

Raúl Zamora Mar 07 at 12:51 PM


before using the mentioned program my recommendation would be to only use this for test purposes and not in a production system.

The best way to address the issue that you are reporting should be to correct first the "origin" of your consumption data (ECC / BW) and then re-send the Consumption history into F&R using FRE03 o /FRE/BIF_BI_CONS_UPL respectively.

Correcting first the data across all your landscape would be the best practise to avoid future data inconsistencies in terms of consumption (different consumption in BW / F&R / ECC).

In case that you are using a test environment then my recommendation would be:

  • Extract the existing CONS_DATA from your system (/FRE/TSE)
  • Build an csv file with the actual consumption - deltas
  • Load the csv file into the TSD buffer tables using /FRE/FU_TOOLS_TS_FILE_LOAD program
  • Process the Consumption interface

Hope that helps.

Kind regards,

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