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Apr 14, 2008 at 07:12 PM

Custom fields from ECC to CRM


Hi All,

I added a custom field in CRM orders tcode CRMD_ORDER under 'Additional Data Tab B' using EEWB (let say name X) also added a field in ECC orders screens under 'Header Shipping' Tab usinh screen layouts (let say name Y). I have to now replicate these custom field from ECC to CRM and vice-versa.

-> To replicate the values from CRM -> ECC

I am using BTE and wrote the code in ECC mapping the EEWB

custom field from CRM to screen filed in ECC. Upon saving the

order in CRM this would get triggered. I checked in the debug

mode that the control stops here in my code. I am still working on

getting the value to ECC field.

->To replicate the values from ECC->CRM

I tried using the same BTE technique in CRM side but the control

does't stop in my code which means i am having the code in

wrong place. I think i need to write the FM in

CRMC_BUT_CALL_FU under CRMIN event. But i m not sure how

to start with.

Can anyone out there please help me? Any suggestions are appreciated