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Standard ABAP Server Proxy-Re use?

Some of my questions are unanswered.Can you please

let me know your thoughts..

Any clues on how to copy the sap standard server proxy and re use it??

I am doing this because there is no sap standard xi content for below:


SAP XI standard Xi content exists for SUS-XI-SRM.


I have copied the sap standard server proxy "PurchaseOrderConfirmation_In" from the name space to my own name space and created a Interface ZConfirm_in.

While creating the Interface(Inbound ABAP Server proxy) ZConfirm_in on SRM side I had given the prefix Z.

I have proxy Interface as:ZII_ZCONFIRM_IN

and Implementing class as ZCL_ZCONFIRM_IN

Inside the Implementing class ZCL_ZCONFIRM_IN,I copied the

standard sap fm as below.




is_pco = input.


The sap standard proxy PurchaseOrderConfirmation_In uses the code as below in method



is_pco = input.

So I copied the above code in my above Z interface of my method .

Now the Z proxy is not working when I do the proxy--test interface with the payload .

The payload works for sap standard proxy and goes inside the call 'BBP_SAPXML1_PCO_CREATE_IN'

and so on and process the payload.

The payload is not working for z proxy,it goes inside the call 'BBP_SAPXML1_PCO_CREATE_IN'

and then to the method XI_PROCESS_CALL_APPLICATION and then to the error CATCH cx_root INTO l_error..

As per Jakub advice on sdn forum:

I also tried copying implementing class of sap CL_BBPX1_PO_CONFORMATION_IN to ZCL_ZCONFIRM_IN1

and used it in place of ZCL_ZCONFIRM_IN .


When I tried to test now with the payload I get the below error

i think it is still referring to the interface ZII_ZCONFIRM_IN??






<P3 />

Thanks in Advance..

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3 Answers

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    Former Member
    Apr 16, 2008 at 03:12 PM

    Scenario:I am trying to re-use SAP Standard SRM proxy by copying from standard sap name space in XI and recreating

    Z proxy in SRM .


    Testing:only standalone SRM system

    I am doing a SPROXY

    Proxy-Test Interface-ZConfirm_in with the XML payload.

    It fails for my custom and works fine for the sap sproxy

    PurchaseOrderConfirmation_in on the SRM system.

    on the SRM system Inbound ABAP server proxy Zconfirm_in has generated all the necessary generation ,structure and type mappings.

    Zoncfirm_in Interface is created in XI and I can see the name space in SRM system to create a proxy interface inside SRM.

    In the class interface ZCL_ZCONFIRM_IN inside the method


        • **** INSERT IMPLEMENTATION HERE **** ***



        is_pco = input.


        The Call Function is not working. the code is not going inside the CALL FUNCTION 'BBP_SAPXML1_PCO_CREATE_IN'.

        I do not have any clue..Can you please give a solution.

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        • Former Member Former Member

          Dear sidharth,

          I am doing ECC-PI-AUTOid (Idoc-Proxy) integration. I have created a custom product, swc in SLD.

          I have downloaded the standard SWC content of AUTO-ID into ESR and also imported my custom component from SLD. I have data types, message types, service interfaces in standard AUTO-ID 7.1 SWC. Created AUTO-ID component as dependency for my custom component in SLD. Imported idoc into my custom component from ECC system.

          Now i need to go for message mapping, operation mapping and configuration part.

          I was struck up with ... objects under which SWC and Namespaces have to be selected while doing MM, OM and Configutaion.

          Provide demo links if any.


          Koti Reddy

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        Former Member
        Apr 14, 2008 at 07:55 PM

        Any clues on the thread...

        Thanks in advance

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        • Former Member


          Just want to give my perception of the problem. You have copied the standard proxy into Z and created a sproxy. So all the objects( Data types, message types, classes, variables) that are created will have their own naming convention with respect to Z object. When you try to copy the methods from the standard proxy, it will have its own variables and objects that conflict with the Z proxy objects.

          When you try to copy the whole standard proxy Class to Z proxy Class, even then you will the object conflicts because the Z proxy class created from the ZConfirm_In will have its interfaces and classes different from the standard one PurchaseorderCOnfirm_In.

          What you can do is, as per my view, as you have already created the Z proxy class, open the standard proxy class with its objects and try to correlate each variable, object, methods to the Z proxy class to its own Z objects by copying them(standard proxy objects) to Z proxy and changing the corresponding naming conflicts .

          Just my 2 cents

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        Former Member
        Apr 16, 2008 at 04:10 PM


        My scenario is asynchronous.

        SRM PO confirmation is using a proxy PurchaseOrderConfirmation_in.

        I am using XI content for SRM and downloaded .tpz from SAP

        and configured in XI for SRM-XI-SUS .All the sap standard content is working well and created SRM SWC in XI(sap standard)

        1.Inside XI I am not able to add a custom name space for the SAP SRM SWC .This way I thought I can map the file to standard sap proxy,which is easier task.

        2.Can I make use of the sap standard interface and all related

        dependent objects from SRM SWC to my own custom SWC.

        I need to do a message mapping from file to proxy(sap standard Poconfirnation_in).Will this work?

        i got a naming conflict error message in XI saying "interface

        belongs to a different name space.

        Configuring Interfaces in ID use sap standard interface for inbound and custom interface for outbound file.

        Any help is appreciated again...

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