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Dec 28, 2017 at 10:05 AM

Issues during MIRO Upload Program against Bulk GRN data of a particular Line Item


There is a Material Purchase Order having Four Line Items. Out of Four, Client did bulk Goods Receipt against one particular Line Item (40). Total number of GRN done till date against that 40th Line item is 25188 times. (Refer attached MIRO ISSUE 1 Pic)

GRN Quantity of that 40th Line Item: 560,260.190. (Refer attached MIRO ISSUE 2 Pic)

GRN Amount of that 40th Line Item: 844,496,993.31 INR(Refer attached MIRO ISSUE 3 Pic)

Total Number of times GRN done against 40th Line Item: 25188 Times.

Tax Code: NY for the 40th Line Item and the tax details are as attached.(Refer attached MIRO ISSUE 4 Pic)

Condition Details as attached:(Refer attached MIRO ISSUE 5 Pic)

Business requested to develop MIRO program in order to execute these bulk items for Invoice processing.

However we have developed a Z-Upload program with Template details as attached. (Refer attached MIRO ISSUE 6 Pic)

But when we ran this upload program and checked in MIRO LOG below snapshot issues we are facing:(Refer attached MIRO ISSUE 7 Pic)

Please suggest what steps need to be done in order to avoid the above error in Log.


miro-issue-1.jpg (55.3 kB)
miro-issue-2.jpg (83.0 kB)
miro-issue-3.jpg (71.3 kB)
miro-issue-4.jpg (63.9 kB)
miro-issue-5.jpg (52.1 kB)
miro-issue-6.jpg (148.5 kB)
miro-issue-7.jpg (189.3 kB)