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Oct 21, 2016 at 06:50 AM

BUG - Direct Message


I was chatting/sending a message to another user and I found that parts of my message were removed.
This is snap of the message

The red lines point where there were some words missing (do not mind english, i've still to take my coffee).
The first sentence was
"LoL! That's for sure <smile> I doubt I could be ever call "cut" <smile> ! Anyway this launch is a mess <smile>"

Then, since i saw it, i tried to explain

"i put "anyway this launch is a mess" between <smile> and <smile>"

I wonder if putthing something between two smile, digited via keyboard (i.e. : P or : ' ( <-i put some spaces). generate the bug.


1.png (13.8 kB)