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Apr 14, 2008 at 10:52 AM

Runtime Agent Determination



Still having problems with my workflows.

I need to get agents from a Ztable at runtime. I have gone through this blog entry :/people/ravishankar.rajan/blog/2006/12/26/agent-determination-in-workflow-using-custom-table

I have ztable with user names and their managers.

I have attached this workflow to the customer Master. Created an entry related to DEBI ni change documents

I have created a copy of the zsystem and made a method- Get agent-

This is my code for the method


begin_method get_manager changing container.


actuallyprocby type wfsyst-act_agent,

appl type zagents-applt,

mngr type zagents-manager.

swc_get_element container 'ActuallyProcBy' actuallyprocby.

swc_get_element container 'Appl' appl.

clear mngr.

select single manager from zagents into mngr

where agent = actuallyprocby and applt = appl.

concatenate 'US' mngr into mngr.

swc_set_element container 'Mngr' mngr.



In the container of the task i have placed the import parameters- actuallyprocby and appl

these are passed during the binding

according to the tutorial, i can pass parameters that way, create the parameters in the method and use it to retrieve the manager of a user.

finally i set the element in the container to the returned value -


the breakpoint i use doesnt get activated

and finally---

the workflow stops at this task with the status ready and with no agent assigned.

How to pass the parameters properly and resolve this issue

Thank you all very much

Points will be rewarded


Edited by: Zeeshan Shah on Apr 14, 2008 4:03 PM

I have checked the tech details for the workflow in my outbox


Result of agent resolution does not agree with agents of task


This error goes on the first activity-- i have used expression: initiator at it--