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Apr 14, 2008 at 10:30 AM



1 ) foreign key where we have to used in report program ?

2) What r the disadvantages of alv report?

3) Is it possible to have a loop inside a sapscript?

4) how do u format the data b4 the write statement

5) how do u send the table with data to the production s/m r any other client

6)diff between alv(function module ) and alv(oo abap).

8)who will take care abt the data while passing to appplication server

9)what r the steps in moving the data or database between servers

10)in creating varient how to give possible values for the field to run in background

11)) Can I know any way we can identify duplicate entries for vendor's

invoice? Is it we able to find this info through sap existing screen?

or need to generate using abap query?

Below is the information need to generate for the duplicate invoice:

- Vendor code

- Invoice No

- Invoice amount & currency

- Invoice Date (from 1st Jan '07 - 31st Dec '07)

- SAP Doc. no.

13). in what way you convert classical report into alv report...

14). in bdc, i develop in va01, with 5 line items, but in onsite server, it shows 8 line items. how u will change or correct to make both the systems to be with 5 line items.

15). in scripts, you are making many changes to a po and how you will make it to take effect...

16) can any one please tell me the method to create a purcahse requisition without giving PLANT number