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Apr 14, 2008 at 09:56 AM

Difference between StartTime and TimeSent


I have an XML message that according to the XML monitor, the StartTime column displays 17:06:07.

The SOAP Header of the message has s <SAP:TimeSent> element that contains the value


So it looks as if there is a three hour difference between the two values.

I thought that the StartTime column would indicate when the message was actually processed by the Adapter Engine, and that TimeSent element would be the time at which the message was received by the system. If this is the case, I cannot understand why there is a three hour time difference between these messages.

In fact, having just reviewed many different messages (both inbound and outbound), I can see that there is a consistent three hour difference between these values.

Can somebody confirm to me where these times are picked up from?